Are you squeezing the whole story from the research information you have?

Or, if you have little to no data to analyze, do you know the best course of action you can take to make even-smarter business decisions? Leveraging research and insights to drive your business in the right direction is good common sense. But it’s easy to lose the plot in the day-to-day of running your business.

Get More Out of Your Data

Here’s how your “business intelligence” can become more intelligent:
By taking a step back—sometimes two steps, sometimes many more—Storypoint looks at the proverbial big picture.

We interpret the large and small connections among existing information sources you already have, uncovering the connections you ought to be seeing.

We aggregate your data sources into narratives to help get those stories in everyone’s heads so they are more informed when making business decisions.

We help businesses who “don’t have any research” utilize secondary sources of data about their customers/consumers, and, of course, we show them the best ways to build from that foundation.

Self-Described “Information Nerds”

Look, we’re not shy about it: research isn’t for everyone.

But it’s totally, completely, 100% for us. We love it. All of it. And we’ve been doing it—successfully—for a long time for some highly regarded business and brands.

Whether we’re looking for unique consumer or product trend angles, or poring over page after page of spreadsheets, to everything in between, we’re thrilled by the impact of strategically deployed information, research, data and insights, and we relish the opportunity to create in such a fun and exciting way.

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