Storypoint can BE your insights team.

What We Do

Storypoint’s expertise exists in sifting through mountains of research and information to provide you with a more complete story about your business. We help you turn these insights into actionable, results-oriented business strategies.

We Tell Data-Rich Stories

With so much on-hand—primary research, secondary data, syndicated reports, and trade publications—is anyone really looking at the whole picture to find the story or stories that matter most for your brand?

We sift through your research—all of it—and/or gather additional data as necessary, connecting the dots to pull out a bigger, sharper picture of your brand’s equity, your target consumer, or macro trends in the marketplace.

We Identify Knowledge Gaps

Maybe all that research you have leans too “tactical”…or too “strategic.” Our expertise as a second-pair-of-eyes can help you find the right balance.

Storypoint can fill those gaps—with the right knowledge or right research method—so you’ll have an easier decision-making process, and tell a story that generates more impact and gets better results.

We Pick Up the Slack

In the era of “do more with less,” your research staff is often overwhelmed by day-to-day deliverables. It’s easy to get bogged down in details and miss the larger story.

Storypoint has the capability to become an extension of your research arm. When your team is maxed out, we can pick up the ball and keep it moving forward. Or we’ll take on that extra project no one else has time for.

We Share Unique Expertise

Maybe you want richer information to help you make better decisions, but marketing research is not your strong suit.

Think of Storypoint as your on-demand insights department. We’ll advise you on methodologies, sample composition, and questionnaire design—all in service of finding actionable insights that generate results. We can also train or mentor staff as needed.

Enable your team to tell a more relevant, forward-driving business story.

Methodologies and Methods

Maybe you’re as big of a research nerd as we are. Then again, you may not be. Either way, we’d be thrilled to work with you in any of the following ways:

Discrete choice  Conjoint  Segmentation  Sensory optimization  A&U  Need-state  Perceptual mapping  Concept screening  Concept optimization  Line optimization  Volume forecasting  Controlled store tests  Household panel experiments  TURF  CLT  IHUT  Naming  Positioning  Copy testing  Brand equity tracking  Online anthropology  Focus groups  Ethnographies

Let us point your brand story in the right direction.